If you have been granted probate, it means you have been given legal responsibility for managing the financial affairs of someone who has died, including their bank accounts, house and other assets.


Potter & Co has a long history of providing the help and support needed by individuals and their families in times of bereavement.

What is Probate?
If a will has been made, the named executors will be granted probate. If not, then next of kin can apply for Letters of Administration, giving them the power to act on behalf of the deceased.

The executors or administrators can:

  • Sell property or shares
  • Gather in assets, close bank accounts, claim insurance money
  • Pay off debts and settle tax affairs with the Inland Revenue
  • Run the deceased's business, appoint someone to do so or sell the business interests
  • Distribute bequests specified in the will - or if there isn't one, distribute assets according to the law

How we can help you
Our experienced, professional and approachable team will advise you promptly and efficiently and explain in clear language what needs to be done and how long it might take. We are able to provide advice on the practical and legal steps with:

  • Obtaining Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration
  • Dealing with the estate and sale of any property
  • Settlement of any Inheritance and other tax liability